Advice | How to reduce food waste at Thanksgiving dinner

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A part of the enjoyment of Thanksgiving dinner is what number of various kinds of dishes it will possibly embody. A part of the issue is that may imply separate lists of elements for each single recipe. I’m right here to let you know that it’s okay in case your sides, fundamental and even dessert have some overlap. Actually, it’s good, thrifty and eco-friendly, as a result of it means much less packaging and fewer of an opportunity that you simply’re going to have a number of half-used bottles and cans hanging round your fridge or pantry ready to go dangerous. Even higher, synchronizing elements and flavors could make your meal seem to be a well-thought-out package deal and make you appear to be a genius menu planner. If that technique appeals to you, try my colleague Aaron Hutcherson’s brand new Thanksgiving menu, which makes use of simply 20 elements complete throughout six recipes, together with sides, mains and dessert. And, sure, that features oil, salt and pepper!

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